Facial Epilator – Is it actually needed?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "facial epilator"It is often said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I however wonder, would I girl rather step out of her house without diamonds or without having used her epilator? I think the former will be easier to find. Girls are very particular when it comes to their looks, with their face being a priority over other aspects. Any hint of a facial hair can distort her sense of confidence in facing the world.


It is this fact that goes on to prove the importance of a certain commodity called a ‘Facial Epilator’. Literally, it refers to an appliance to remove facial hair from their roots. It is an increasingly popular alternative for removing facial hair. In today’s fast moving contemporary world, every individual has to constantly manage both his professional and personal lives simultaneously. There is a constant sense of juggling that exists given the plethora of social obligations. Thus, a facial epilator becomes an inevitable part of every girl’s cosmetic first aid kit.


Another underlying reason for the importance of an epilator is the worldly perception that surrounds the definition of what is beautiful and what is not. In the Indian society there are strict parameters for judging beauty. We may all chant aloud that ‘Beauty lies within’, yet none of us miss an opportunity to comment upon any slight glitch in a person’s look. While a fair complexion is a positive, visible facial hair pretty evidently makes the list of the undesirable traits. This makes every female even more conscious of the presence of any facial hair. The epilator there becomes a sort of necessary tool required to walk with confidence around in our society. Among many other societal expectations, having a picture perfect face is one of the least discussed pressures imposed upon the Indian women. I thus say, yes a facial epilator is necessary.