Mark Hurd’s Take On Cloud Computing

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Mark Hurd is the Co-CEO of the Oracle Corporation and is always focused towards new innovation and customer satisfaction. These days, people are talking about Mark Hurd cloud computing strategies that he will use to promote the business as well as increase the profit of the company. In several interviews Mark has always put focus on the cloud services that are being used these days by some of the companies. He believes that cloud computing is the next big thing that every company should have in the coming years. Some of his points on this technology are mentioned below.

For Business innovation: Mark believes in the innovation of cloud services, the companies will work at a faster rate as all the data will be available very easily and at a faster rate. Cloud services will reduce the cost on hardware and networking that most of the companies do pay which results in increase in the revenue of the company.

Fast modern experience: Mark is planning to engage the future generation with this technology so that they may work at a faster rate and will provide the company with more efficient work. Cloud storages are accessible from anywhere and also provide the company with more enhanced security. Also, with cloud computing, updating the various things are very easy and will be done in just few minutes.

Competitive Edge: This technology will make the information available easily and at a faster rate. So, those companies which entirely work on time will have a huge benefit as everything will be done using very less time. This will provide the company with a competitive edge and all the companies will be competing with each other for providing their customers with quick and efficient services. In today’s world, only 25% of the companies are working with the cloud computing technology. Mark is dreaming of taking that number to 80% and above.