Players Who Were Paid Highest By The Clubs

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "highest paid soccer players"Premier League has seen some of the most expensive transfers this season and these transfers were all over the ข่าวฟุตบอล websites. So, let us see which players were the most expensive transfers during the premier league.

Paul Pogba

Manchester United paid as much as £93.25m for Paul Pogba who belonged to Juventus. Pogba used to play for Manchester United but it was four years back. Social Media went into swirl after hearing the premier league news that the ace midfielder is returning to Manchester United. Going forward Pogba will have to prove that he deserves the pay that Manchester has paid for this 24 year old.

Angel De Maria

Angel De Maria will play for Manchester United after the club has bought him from Real Madrid for whopping £59.7 million.

Kevin De Bruyne

Manchester United bought Kevin De Bruyne for over £54.5 million. Bruyne is one of the most expensive players in the history of British football after he left Chelsea for Wolfsburg in 2014. The 25 year old proved his mettle to Manchester United while playing for his former club.

Fernando Torres

When Chelsea paid mind baffling £50 million for Liverpool striker Fernando Torres in January 2011, Torres was in superb form, but for some unknown reasons Torres failed to create that magic and his performance started taking a drop. The Spaniard could not give a very striking performance with just over 20 goals in the three and a half year run with Chelsea.

Raheem Sterling

Manchester City picked Raheem Sterling for startling £49 million and Sterling proved that City made just the right decision. Although, Sterling did face the hard time with his performance and was not up to the mark during the end of the season, he seemed to be bouncing back.

John Stones

John Stones went on to play for Manchester City after signing a deal worth £47.5 million. After David Luiz, Stones was only the second most expensive defender in the history.